To create a pitch perfect website it’s important to understand the needs not only of your client, but the website visitors as well. That’s why during the creation of this website I made sure to spend some time as a tourist.

Well, that was the excuse!

Bunker Bed and Breakfast - Ho Chi Min City
The view from Bunker Bed and Breakfast, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

With a tight deadline to get this wonderful new website launched I was working incredibly hard here in Toowoomba.

As a self-employed, solo operator I have to be online at all times. And as a frequent traveller I’ve got my office requirements down to a backpack and an active internet connection. A trip to Asia meant I was still working hard from a co-working space in Malaysia for a few weeks, before a quick break in Vietnam to recharge the batteries before heading home and preparing for launch.

Once I’ve landed in any country my itinerary is to get through immigration, collect my bag and find a pre-paid SIM card before leaving the airport. Then it’s off to the nearest café with the best wi-fi (tip: Starbucks tastes terrible and costs too much but the wi-fi is perfect).

Having spent plenty of time in foreign countries with frustratingly slow connections, poor design, or a language I don’t understand has made me completely aware of how important a fast, clear website is.

Tourism Darling Downs have done an amazing job working with, and collating, the very best locations, along with amazing photography, from all across our region. Many I’d never even heard of before!

My favourite part of creating this website has been finding amazing looking restaurants that are right here on my doorstep. I’ve selected a few below I can’t wait to check out. And some personal favourites.

Now I need a holiday right here on the Darling Downs!

Simeon Griggs worked under the direction of Tourism Darling Downs to design and develop the website. He creates website and graphic design working under the name Tomoro.

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