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The taste of a just-picked blueberry or raspberry grown in organic soils on a sun-drenched farm is surely one of life’s simple, yet magnificent, pleasures. And it’s the sweet allure that emanates from this pocket of the botanically endowed Hampton region.

Hampton Blue is a small family business that involves grandparents and grandchildren scattered within two hours of the farm.

The orchard, 30 km north of Toowoomba, is certified organic and has been building a reputation and a devoted band of followers since 1983, producing fruit from 11 varieties of blueberries, each with its own flavour nuances, and one variety of raspberry.


Tourism Darling Downs, Hampton Blue, Producers
Tourism Darling Downs, Hampton Blue, Producers

Hampton Blue continues to grow some of the older, pioneer varieties of blueberries first introduced to Australia, in recognition of how the Australian blueberry industry began.

The berries are sold fresh or frozen, online and at the farm gate, as well as at markets in Brisbane, and you’ll also find them at the annual Hampton Food Festival.

There’s a range of sauces, jams and a raspberry vinegar too.

Tourism Darling Downs, Hampton Blue, Producers

83 Keys Rd Hampton Queensland 4352

Hampton Blue

83 Keys Road, Hampton, Queensland, Australia