Have you ever had a dream?

Something that seemed so unrealistic and so unattainable? Well I did, and it all started four years ago with yes, you guessed it, photos taken with my phone. Three cameras later I now shoot my landscapes with a Canon 7Dmii and various lenses, and I still have the phone.

My lifestyle has completely changed, as has my outlook on life, and I find myself in awe of wide open spaces and the beautiful country landscapes that I simply wanted to share with others.

I have an undeniable passion for country scenery within my area on the Darling Downs, from sunrises to sunsets, and in recent times storms, and the night sky. Being self taught I found the best way to make my dream a reality was simply getting out and about to explore as much as possible.

Cindi M Iverson’s photography is featured throughout the Tourism Darling Downs website. See more at Boos Country Photography.

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