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Galamaay Dance Troupe is an Aboriginal Dance Troupe “Bringing back culture” within the Toowoomba community and surrounds. Galamaay provides a number of cultural services to the Toowoomba community and surrounding. Galamaay is about sharing and understanding the passing of culture across generations and community, along with showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people.


Galamaay was established in 2009 when Josh commenced drumming traditional song beats into the ground for an infant boy.  The infant boy would sway back and forth and repeat Josh’s beats on the ground.  Then other young children started to copy this and wanted to be involved with Josh and learn traditional Aboriginal dance.  Later in 2009 Galamaay would attend North State School on the weekend to teach other children Aboriginal dance. To attend it was a gold coin donation. We did this for a period of time. A number of children who attended from community were children in out-of-home-care.

Since 2009 we have provided Aboriginal dance performances and other cultural services for a number organisations and Government Departments for a variety of events such as but not limited to NAIDOC week, Reconciliation Week, Australia Day celebrations, meetings, community days and graduation ceremonies.

Our dance performances not only provide a dance performance but also allows the audience to experience traditional story through song and dance. Some of our dances also provide learnings around Aboriginal Lore.

The services provided by Galamaay are but not limited to:

  • Song and dance performances
  • Smoking ceremonies
  • Aboriginal dance workshops
  • Didgeridoo performance
  • Didgeridoo lessons
  • Making a Didgeridoo from scratch workshops
  • Aboriginal Art workshops
  • Aboriginal Artefacts show and tell
  • Making Aboriginal artefacts workshop