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Welcome to the Paroo Shire

Paroo Shire covers 47 633 sq km and is located in South West Outback Queensland. The region incorporates the towns of Cunnamulla, Yowah, Eulo and Wyandra, with Cunnamulla being the hub of the Shire and is centrally situated on the crossroads of the Balonne and Mitchell Highways. The shire has a vast cultural diversity within its vibrantrural communities and has a population of approximately 2600. Cunnamulla, meaning “long stretch of water”, gets its name from the picturesque Warrego River which meanders past the town and is a popular spot for fishing and water sports. The Paroo Shire has an ever changing landscape, from the Open Mitchell Grass Flood Plains in the East to the Moriaty Ranges, the Opal fields and the Mulga lands to the West. It is an area rich in history, eco systems, flora and fauna. The shire is highly regarded by birdwatchers as the diverse eco-systems lend themselves to ideal habitats for many species. Main industries within the Shire are beef, fat lamb and wool production, Apiary, grapes, wildlife harvesting, Opal mining and the growing Tourism Industry. Located in a semi-arid zone, the region has in temperatures in summer ranging from 15 degrees to 37 degrees and winter temperature ranges from 2 to 25 degrees.