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Established in 2018, funded by Toowoomba Regional Council, built by Trailworx and supported by countless volunteers, the Stenner Street Jumps Park is a place to have a whole lot of fun on 2 wheels! There are 5 jump lines ranging from white (super easy) through to double black diamond (you guessed it, super hard) that are all designed to allow for the progression of skill in a safe and fun environment.
The ongoing success of the park will be dependent on the commitment of its users to help maintain it. Countless hours of volunteer hard work went into the building of these jumps and a culture of ‘no dig, no ride’ endures – if you use the park and love the park, then be prepared to pitch in and lend a hand to maintain it. There will be a job for everyone!

122 Stenner St Toowoomba Queensland 4350