From blank places to fantastic art spaces! Five years ago, If I was asked to describe Toowoomba to a stranger pop culture and laneways covered in street art wouldn’t have been part of my description.

Fast forward to 2017 and street art has taken over the city, you can’t even turn a corner in CBD without coming across an incredible work of art! You can feel a shift within the community and the way street art is viewed.

The colourful array of street murals not only allows for artists to showcase work on a larger contemporary scene but also helps highlight niche local businesses. Through years of creative initiatives and hard work the town’s inner walkways have benefited.

As a local emerging artist it is exciting to see the transformation an initiative like first coat has made to this city. When you make the trip to Toowoomba, Make the time to get lost in ‘Queensland’s largest outdoor Art Gallery’.

Katie Wagner is an emerging local artist.

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