Join me on my journey throughout the Darling Downs.

My food tour of the Darling Downs starts with sunrise over Cooyar Range. I’m dying for a coffee but sunrise is magic; the scenery here is astonishing.

I love Goomeri and have visited many times, especially in the late 90s when I lived at Ban Ban Springs. Now, there are so many new delights to discover.

The new Goomeri Bakery is like having a fantastic new haircut. It just makes you feel good. Many days have passed since my visit, and I have thought of the chicken pie - its wonderful handmade country style pastry that I devoured many times.

Delicious Chicken Pie.

How lucky and privileged I feel to have met Wayne and Emanuelle from the Stunning Cassis at Booie. The views, the venue, and oh the produce! It was wonderful to meet Frank the farmer from Memerambie and see first hand the mesmerising relationship between chef and farmer. And the food! Succulent pork belly, juicy lamb, freshly pulled steamed turnips, the delicate young garlic - I could talk about it all day. Seeing the radish leaves straight out of Frank’s garden be transformed into an immaculate dish - the ability to transform something so simple and humble into a mindblowing dish is the sign of a great chef, and that’s what you’ll find at Cassis.

Cassis is the blue diamond in region, rare and stunning. Prepare to be amazed.

Frank and his wonderful produce.
Succulent pork belly

Next, a quick drive up to the Bunya Mountains and a stop at Shackleton’s Whiskey Bar. This place is all about the stories, the whisky, the company and the dreamy misty view. Can we please stay?

Wayne sharing his knowledge.

Dinner, and a quick bite to eat at one of Toowoomba’s top cheap eats and hidden stars: ICHI. It’s a fantastic little Japanese restaurant within the Hooper centre. The service is bright, friendly and fast.They have the most astonishingly fresh sashimi, and the lightest crispy tempura. Our host is amazed at our teenager’s ability to be able to finish the giant okonomiyaki pancake on his own. It’s the best way to end day one…

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