Main Range National Park — Queen Mary Falls

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Main Range National Park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, which include the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest in the world.

The park embraces soaring mountain ranges, breathtaking views and rare wildlife. Queen Mary Falls, located at the south-west end of the park at the lookout on the Rainforest Circuit plunges 40 metres into Spring Creek.

The park has diverse vegetation types, which attract many different birds and animals. Albert’s lyrebird, the endangered eastern bristlebird and the vulnerable black-breasted button-quail can be seen in the park. Rainforests grow in moist or sheltered locations, with open eucalypt forest on the drier ridges and valleys. Montane heath vegetation grows on the cliffs and rocky outcrops.

Located 64 km south-west of Boonah via Carneys Creek Road then Head Road or 11 km east of Killarney via Spring Creek Road.


Disclaimer: Tourism Darling Downs is unable to attest to the current condition of the hikes on this walk. Please contact the local council for more information.

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