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Coolmunda Olives is a family owned and operated olive grove. Two processing plants where the fruit is brined and pressed have been architecturally landscaped and are set within a native sclerophyll forest. The deck of the processing plant overlooks Lake Coolmunda, a feature which also waters the plants. This is a spectacular view where you can enjoy morning or afternoon tea or lunch. 9,000 impressive olive plants aged from 1-18 years surround the processing plant and can be wandered through and enjoyed.
Coolmunda also boasts a bamboo labyrinth designed by Madeline Brandt an architecture student at QUT and we encourage people to navigate and appreciate the serenity.
Our grove is organic and all measures are taken throughout the entire property to adhere to sustainability and accountability environmentally.
Our maxim is to focus on the fruit, rather than the yield.

Cunningham Hwy Inglewood Queensland 4387

Coolmunda Organic Olives

22804 Cunningham Hwy, Coolmunda QLD 4387, Australia