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This wild and unspoilt park is cut by remote sandstone gorges surrounded by ancient eucalypt forest. Look for the near-threatened mountain guinea flower and vulnerable species such as the Helidon ironbark, brush-tailed rock-wallaby and black-breasted button-quail. There is no camping, and no facilities or formed walking tracks in the park, but it is the perfect setting for remote bushwalking, mountain-bike riding and 4WD and motorbike touring.

Lockyer National Park is a popular area for 4WD and motorbike touring. In dry weather only, 4WD vehicles are permitted on Wallers Road from Seventeen Mile Road through to Forestry Road; from Millers Road through to Logan’s Road; and from Kruger’s Road through to Millers Road/Redbank Creek Road.

Goldmine Rd Helidon Queensland 4344

Lockyer National Park

238 Goldmine Rd, Helidon QLD 4344, Australia